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It is important to always scan under the exact same circumstances every time you scan to ensure consistency and repeatability for tracking purposes.


  • Scan at the same time of the day.
  • Keep your hydration and food volume the same.
  • Preferably do not scan after training.
  • Ensure you are well hydrated.
  • Do not consume Alcohol within 24-48 hours prior to your scan.
  • Preferably do not consume caffeine, pre-workouts or thermogenics (fat burners).
  • Ensure you are rested and calm (ie. If you have rushed to get to your scan, give yourself enough time to allow your blood pressure to return to normal).
  • If you are female, take note of where you are in your menstrual cycle for consistency of readings.
  • Make sure that your feet cover the silver pads of the Evolt 360 machine
  • Make sure you have contact with your fingers, palms and thumbs on the silver pads on the handles of the Evolt 360 machine.

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